How will your finances be managed if you are incapacitated?

Incapacity can strike at any moment leaving your family in a potential financial tailspin. However, a carefully drafted Power of Attorney can ease the burden whether your incapacity was unexpected such as from a car accident or if it was foreseen like in the case of dementia or Alzheimer's.

Power of Attorney

A document known as a Power of Attorney allows your designated agent to step in your shoes with regard to specific (or general) financial decisions. The authority granted in a Power of Attorney can be broad and sweeping, and therefore must be carefully draftered.

These documents are especially important in households were only one partner is listed on certain financial accounts including mortgage and bank accounts.

The Law Office of Yuripzy Morgan can create a well-tailored Power of Attorney that will aid your agent in handling your affairs whether temporarily or for longer periods depending on your wishes.

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