Administration &
I need help settling the estate of a family member.

The death of a family member can be a very difficult time, and one that does not need to be complicated with a barrage of legal questions. Neither should it be a time for family feuds or strife. Unfortunately it is often the case that complex legal questions arise over the assets of a deceased loved one.

Let the Law Office of Yuripzy Morgan help you settle the affairs of your family members, whether that means selling property, collecting assets, keeping track of and adhering to filing deadlines and coordinating with insurance companies. We will make sure that the administration process is handled correctly and done accurately.

Let us help you with the administration process:

-Probating a will
 - Notifying creditors of decedant's death
- Collecting assets
- Opening and closing accounts
- Filing the inventory
- Coordinating the sale of property and assets
- Filing final tax returns
- Filing an accounting
- Closing the estate

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